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PTCE Preparation

Marsha commented 2 hours ago
Looking to take theTPV exam for the second time , Ive been in pharmacy for 30 plus years so not sure why I had hard time. Maybe overthinking , My Questions are, I wasnt sure on the syringes, Can someone tell me what i needed to look for , And also on the prescription portion. Do I need to look for patients name , or just the drug and directions
Christopher liked 3 hours ago
Marsha Sneller
Lead Certified Pharmacy Technician
Hello all of my fellow CPhT's! I hope everyone is doing great! I hope you have had luck with getting all of your certification badges! I am currently working on the Medication History Certification and my test is scheduled for next month. My current active badges: Billing and Reimbursement Cert Technician Product Verification Cert I have looked at ALL of the comments/posts/discussions pertaining to the Med Hx Certification in this community and I have a pretty good understanding of what to study for, however, does anyone have any good interview technique comments/questions on RPh vs. CPhT? There are some questions... (More)