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PTCB Community Rules

We’re so glad you’re here. This is a professional development and discussion online community for pharmacy technicians, prospective pharmacy technicians, pharmacy technician educators, and pharmacy technician employers.

Let’s set some ground rules. It’s important to be familiar with the following rules before posting. These rules complement our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct to ensure the PTCB Community remains professional, vibrant, and useful for all community members. PTCB Community administrators and moderators reserve the right to interpret the rules of engagement so the community can be a successful resource and supportive forum.

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Hi @Amanda S Olauson4, the CPhT Spotlight is now referred to as Viewpoints. You can see them all here:

PTCB also regularly shares stories submitted by CPhTs. You can read stories and submit your own:

If you're looking for the number of CPhTs in total or in a particular state, that information is released once a year.

North Dakota had 800 CPhTs as of 12/31/20:

54 Advanced CPhTs as of 12/31/20: