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Assessment-Based Certificates
Assessment-Based Certificates

Has anyone taken the Billing and Reimbursement for Pharmacy Technician in anticipation of the new certification from PTCB?
Leigh Ann Wilson
CPhT, Medication History, Tech Product Verification, Billing and Reimbursement
So I have taken my 4th credential exam, the controlled substance diversion exam, on December 1st, and was wondering if anyone else had taken it as well? How long did it take for your exam results to be available?
I took my final certificate today and got a pass - just waiting on official score to come in tomorrow. Hazard. That one was the hardest because I don't do that kind of thing. Still I am proud of myself for passing it. I have only 3 years as a tech and had just enough experience to take the certificates. I crushed every single one. I cannot wait to get my advanced title this weekend and to further my career. I learned so much along the way. I am also a licensed vet tech so I am hoping to get... (More)