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Certification Renewal
Certification Renewal

What resources do you use to earn CE hours to recertify as a CPhT? I currently use Power-Pak C.E.
Christopher S. Moore
Oncology & Inpatient - BS, AS, AA, CPhT-Adv, CSPT, NREMT-R

I have not myself considered the Emeritus status.

The decision depends on your situation and your potential future to return to work as a pharmacy technician.

The Emeritus status allows you to maintain your credential's designation, but not for practice. The advantage is you do not have to complete (or pay for) C.E.s or renewal fees (other than the Emeritus fee); or in the case of the C.S.P.T. certification, you do not have to be employed to to keep your designation compared to an active C.S.P.T. who must be employed as such. Essentially, I look at this status for those... (More)

Ernest Frank Stokley Jr
Pharmacy Technician Coordinator
Where does everyone find their CSPT CE?