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Sterile Compounding
Sterile Compounding

Christopher S. Moore
Oncology & Inpatient - BS, AS, AA, CPhT, CSPT, NREMT-R

Reading and understanding the USP 797 (primarily) and USP 800 material will go a very long way in preparing you for the exam.

Years ago, I took the sterile compounding class with N.P.T.A. (National Pharmacy Technician Association) and found its training to be very practical and useful.

EE Smith
Inpatient Heme-Onc Technician Specialist & Adjunct Pharmacy Technology Professor

I did not because I took the CSPT exam before that was an option.  It seems a bit pricey for those of us who have practical experience.

I did in February/March when they offered a special pricing for the combo. The ASHP material is very thorough and prepared me for the PTCB exam. The exam was difficult. Study the USP Chapter 797 and 800.