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Asked a question 2 years ago

Do all of these extra or advanced or additional studies for Certified Pharmacy Technicians really count or appreciated at our work places? Are your work managers going to ask you for any advanced study qualification you have or are you supposed to present your advanced qualification to them even when not asked? Would your managers have a higher work role and provide one for you? Would they increase your hourly rate? I am asking all these questions because I am interested in the advanced studies. But, at the look of things I don't think these qualifications are being appreciated because they barely appreciate a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

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Angela Faszczewski
Patient Care Services Coordinator

Honestly, I'm pursuing an Advanced credential for my personal satisfaction (as I did with certification back in the early 1990's - even before PTCB - lol!) and no, my employer will most likely not compensate me in any way for it, but it's for me not for them.

Joan Williams
Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

Even if your current or future employer does not compensate you for the advanced certificates, I believe that you will stand out from other applicants just by having taken the initiative to achieve this and also that you are knowledgeable in that specialty.

I am seeking it out for my own personal growth, but it also shows my willingness to invest in my career as well.  With an independent pharmacy, my pharmacist has encouraged it, so it may turn into a higher pay rate, but ultimately, it’s so I can better serve patients and the pharmacy I work for. 

Christopher S. Moore
Oncology & Inpatient - BS, AS, AA, CPhT-Adv, CSPT, NREMT-R

The medical field (pharmacy) is an ever-changing environment.  While some places recognize the certification, others do not.  I believe these new credentials and designations are a good step in our profession, even if we can not see or experience the benefits of it immediately. As time passes, and our field becomes larger and more populated, these boons to knowledge and skill sets will help distinguish us (technicians), expand ourselves into larger roles and, hopefully, larger pay.  Having increased educational requirements and additional filters into even becoming a basic licensed pharmacy technician would be key to advancing the pay-scale value of our profession.

Richard Colas
Inpatient Pharmacy Technician

My hospital which is one of the greatest hospitals in California doesn’t even require you to pass your PTCB. It is for your personal  Development if you want to pursue additional studies on your field. Good thing my hospital is very appreciative and supportive that they trained and developed me well as a technician.

Jack Barnhill
Quality Improvement Manager

Pay rate changes would depend on your employer. Some will see it as an improvement and give you a raise (again, the amount would be employer-specific) while others will not give you a raise and simply congratulate you. Going to another employer, specifically one that needs personnel trained in those areas will most likely see a pay rate and hiring advantage because you not only have the experience, you have the certification to show that you know what you are doing.

Most likely, leadership roles are going to be changed so that they require advanced training and certification. Getting it in ahead of the changes will help show your commitment to constantly trying to improve your knowledge and keep both yourself and your patients safer. You certainly do not want to be in a leadership role when/if a change in requirements comes down and not have the additional training. Depending on your employer, there might be no window, a small window, or a large window of time to get the required training, and if that is not achieved, you most likely would be demoted or even possibly let go entirely.

Of course, if your company is unionized, there may be additional rules that either help or hinder changes in payment rate.

The best thing you can do is ask your HR representative/hiring supervisor and see what they say. As these certifications are still new, there may not be anything in place yet but there could be in the future.

As others have already mentioned, I too will be advancing for my own satisfaction. It's been a little over two years since I was actively working in a pharmacy and I have kept up my licenses and certification because they are something to be proud of.