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Asked a question last year

Has anybody here worked at a mail order pharmacy? And if so, would you recommend it over retail?

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Christopher S. Moore
Oncology & Inpatient - BS, AS, AA, CPhT-Adv, CSPT, NREMT-R

M.O.P. has the advantage of not requiring face-to-face interaction with patients; for some, that makes a difference.  

I have found the work-load and sheer volume in a M.O.P. to be quite higher than retail, but I suppose that would make a work day go by seemingly faster.

If you are okay with filling and mail-packaging over and over (usually warehouse style), independently processing insurance, plus have excellent customer phone-service characteristics, then it would be a good fit.

Personally, I myself would not recommend it over retail as the work is more repetitious and a lack of satisfaction from the disconnect.  Finally, while you can absolutely learn a lot from a M.O.P. pharmacist, I feel that a technician would have a more impactful “discere ad dominum pedes” experience at a retail pharmacy, learning from observing pharmacist-patient interaction and the medications’ details that arise.