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Preston Davis Founder, CEO
Asked a question last year

Hello :) We get a rendition of this question all too often, "What is the scope with regard to drug interactions and side effects on the PTCB Exam? Are all side effects and drug interactions for the Top 200 Medications fair game?"

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Cassandra DeLacy Landreth-Lloyd
Certified Senior Pharmacy Technician

This has been posted awhile so I will make an attempt at answering. When I was writing questions for the PTCB about a year ago the focus was primarily on making certain the candidate recognized drug families (i.e. statins, ace inhibitors, etc), and common interactions like grapefruit and statins or antibiotics and birth control. We should be able to recognize that a patient shouldn't be on xaralto and warfarin, and be aware of basic interactions. As with all things pharmaceutical the more we know the safer our patients are.