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Camilo Rodriguez
Associate Director, Pharmacy Operations
Asked a question last year

Is a CE or a Certificate Program encompassing Pharmacy Regulation be something that you are interested in? The pharmacy technician landscape is ever changing and varies from state to state, but as scopes of practice for technicians begin to expand, I think this will also create a need for technicians to have a deep understanding of pharmacy law and its place in protecting both the public and the pharmacy tech. I am aware of the Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist (PRS) Certificate from but was wondering if this is something you would find of interest if PTCB were to offer it.

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Christopher S. Moore
Oncology & Inpatient - BS, AS, AA, CPhT-Adv, CSPT, NREMT-R

I would be interested in such a certificate and/or certification.  But to be honest, as of now, I do not foresee northern California hospital or retail pharmacies utilizing pharmacy technicians in this manner any time soon.  With legal, regulative, or investigative matters, my experience has been that is it always between the entity and management/pharmacists.

Margaret Lynette Destree
Certified Pharmacy Technician

Yes, I would be VERY interested in this course offering. I am trying to obtain a remote position and am learning that maintaining several state registrations is going to be a juggling act. A firm foundation of the Federal level will enhance whatever I have to know and understand on each individual state level. I also see this as a career opportunity to step into as the role of the technician grows. 

Yes! I would love that. It would be nice to have some law background.

Dalton Bliese
Resource Specialist (Medication Assistance)

@Camilo Rodriguez22 I think it would be great for PTCB to offer, but it should be noted, this is a certification, not a certificate. It awards the individual with an additional credential/professional designation, versus receiving a certificate of a program compeletion. "PRS" - Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist is a credential/professional designation in the same context as CPhT - mine reads " Dalton Bliese, CPhT, PRS "

It was a 31 credit-hour certification/exam. I highly recommend it, but it isn't the cheapest. Program is developed by a PharmD, JD. Link below.


I would be very interested in this as a PTCB offering, especially if it were a certificate level course.  I work in my state's Attorney General's Office as an investigator supporting the state board of pharmacy.  I have a hard time finding courses/certificates that focus on federal regulations (beyond a 1-credit law CPE).  It would be great to have a certificate to show my employer that is endorsed by PTCB.