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Joy L Burrows
Pharmacy Technician
Asked a question last year

What avenues do you use to get your CE? I did a bunch at my previous job, but now I can't access any of my hours because I don't work for that company anymore. I don't even know where to begin as I believe I have to start over from the beginning even though I had 14 hours of CE completed.

Where am I?

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I did my CE through Power Pak CE resource which I think it is connected to PTCB. PTCB, is now connected to NABP which will keep the records of every CE you have done. If you are PTCB certified, you will have to create an account from both PTCB and NABP websites, so you can link them up. All the instructions are on the PTCB website. You can always access your CE records from NABP website which is automatically sent from the Power Pak CE resource to NABP. 

You should be able to get the information from NABP. Every time you do a CE, the information gets loaded to them. In turn, PTCB gets that information from NABP for your renewal.

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