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Sandra Pearsall
Pharmacy Technician Clinical
Asked a question last year

What do you love most about being a Pharmacy Technician? What is the best advice would you give someone looking for a career change?

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Candice Johnson
Certified Pharmacy Technician

I am fairly new to the field, but what I love is that you never stop learning something new. It is also humbling because you want to help others the best way you know how. Any advice is appreciated. 

I personally like getting process of getting to know my patients and being the best help I can be given their current situation. I would look into the other career I’m curious about and do research about it and find someone who works in that career and ask them question about it. And if all those questions seem like something you’d be good at or would love doing for a long time, I say go for it!

I love the feeling that I get when a patient is able to get an RX because my research helped him 

Cassandra DeLacy Landreth-Lloyd
Certified Senior Pharmacy Technician

I love our behind the scenes aspect to healthcare. We are generally the last stop at the end of a busy day of being poked and prodded at doctor's office or just a long work week, and if all goes according to plan our patients just get to claim their monthly refills and go home. I enjoy taking care of that "one less thing on my mind" for my patients