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Assessment-Based Certificates
Assessment-Based Certificates
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I am currently studying for the controlled substance diversion certificate and i was wondering if anyone has some helpful hints to study for passing the exam. i am currently taking the ASHP course and want to know if there is one thing over the others to concentrate on.
The new Point-of-Care Testing Certificate is here! Showcase your ability to safely administer point-of-care tests, help serve your community by taking on advanced roles in your pharmacy, and elevate your resume.

Move ahead on your #PTCBTechTrek now!
Does anyone know if the PTCB intends to release any more advanced credentials? I'm really enjoying the process of earning my advanced certification so I hope they do!

I am seeking it out for my own personal growth, but it also shows my willingness to invest in my career as well.  With an independent pharmacy, my pharmacist has encouraged it, so it may turn into a higher pay rate, but ultimately, it’s so I can better serve patients and the pharmacy I work for.