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Assessment-Based Certificates
Assessment-Based Certificates
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Marsha Sneller
Lead Certified Pharmacy Technician
Hello all of my fellow CPhT's! I hope everyone is doing great! I hope you have had luck with getting all of your certification badges! I am currently working on the Medication History Certification and my test is scheduled for next month. My current active badges: Billing and Reimbursement Cert Technician Product Verification Cert I have looked at ALL of the comments/posts/discussions pertaining to the Med Hx Certification in this community and I have a pretty good understanding of what to study for, however, does anyone have any good interview technique comments/questions on RPh vs. CPhT? There are some questions... (More)
Does anyone know if the PTCB intends to release any more advanced credentials? I'm really enjoying the process of earning my advanced certification so I hope they do!
Christopher S. Moore
Oncology & Inpatient - BS, AS, AA, CPhT-Adv, CSPT, NREMT-R

I did not take the TPV course with NPTA myself, but I would assume that you likely ran into a glitch of some sort. That being said, the script-illegibility problem itself is an excellent example of a realistic situation a pharmacy staff member could face with the verification practice.

The PTCB TPV exam did not (& I believe does not currently) have any illegibility-related problems other than if an image of the "product" is not clear. The exam is geared toward your ability to check the actual product(s) against the order, not clarify the validity or such of the order... (More)

I am seeking it out for my own personal growth, but it also shows my willingness to invest in my career as well.  With an independent pharmacy, my pharmacist has encouraged it, so it may turn into a higher pay rate, but ultimately, it’s so I can better serve patients and the pharmacy I work for.