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The new Point-of-Care Testing Certificate is here! Showcase your ability to safely administer point-of-care tests, help serve your community by taking on advanced roles in your pharmacy, and elevate your resume.

Move ahead on your #PTCBTechTrek now!
Ashley Snow
Inpatient Pharmacy Technician Supervisor, AS Healthcare Administration, ACHE Student Associate, CPhT, CSPT
Completed all the prerequisites within the states of MO and KS (I work right on the state line) and am proud to be officially administering COVID-19 immunizations now!

Also sat for the PTCB Immunization exam as well.... eagerly anticipating the results for another potential feather in my CPhT cap!
Today is #pharmacy24, an international event to celebrate the breadth and diversity of pharmacy. The theme for this year is "The role of pharmacy in the COVID-19 pandemic and diversity within the profession." It’s a perfect day to share the important work pharmacy technicians have been doing during the pandemic across the US.

Follow along on Twitter as we share a month-by-month look at how PTCB CPhTs have supported the battle against COVID-19 during the past year. Join the conversation and share your own stories!
Jennifer Quinn
Certified Pharmacy Technician
I was hesitant at first myself but if you think of it this way. I don’t know what will happen if I get COVID-19 at all. I could be fine it end up in the hospital. I just don’t want that and I can’t have that. I just feel that I would be safer getting the vaccine. I am getting it soon. I will post when I get it. Good luck 🍀