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I got the vaccine yesterday. My arm is a little sore today, but beyond that I feel fine.
Candice Johnson
Certified Pharmacy Technician
I was hesitant at first, but I am considering taking it. I am considering taking the Moderna Vaccine.
Jennifer Quinn
Certified Pharmacy Technician
I was hesitant at first myself but if you think of it this way. I don’t know what will happen if I get COVID-19 at all. I could be fine it end up in the hospital. I just don’t want that and I can’t have that. I just feel that I would be safer getting the vaccine. I am getting it soon. I will post when I get it. Good luck 🍀
Tasha Garland
Certified Lead Pharmacy Technician
I got my Covid vaccine yesterday, so far my arm hurts, and last night I ran a low grade fever and I was extremely tired