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I am seeking it out for my own personal growth, but it also shows my willingness to invest in my career as well.  With an independent pharmacy, my pharmacist has encouraged it, so it may turn into a higher pay rate, but ultimately, it’s so I can better serve patients and the pharmacy I work for. 

Marsha Sneller
Lead Certified Pharmacy Technician
ALL TECHS GOING FOR ADVANCED CERTS :: PLEASE READ PTCB RESPONSE BELOW:::: CPhT Training Center programs no longer meet PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program requirements and are no longer recognized. The CPhT Training Center program you registered for cannot be used toward meeting eligibility requirements. Additionally, any vouchers provided to you by NPTA can no longer be used. To continue with the credentialing process, you will need to meet current eligibility requirements, including completion of a current PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program. If you have been issued a voucher by NPTA, please provide the voucher number in reply to this message. A replacement voucher... (More)
Has anyone awarded the Advance Tech position been reimbursed by their job for the test fees, gotten a raise because of the advanced certification, or a better position?
Officially awarded CPhT-Adv as of yesterday!!