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PTCE Preparation
PTCE Preparation
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Hello. I wanted to know which online courses do you recommend me to take for preparation of the PTCB test?and which books for individual study?

Elena Masjuan
Spanish Inbound Contact Tracer (COVID-19) Project
Hello Everyone,
Am New here... Taking PTCB exam tomorrow have studied and done every practice Pharmacy Tech Exam I find still nervous can Can anyone who has taken test recently care to share what else I should study or due please help am have a nervous break down
I was wondering if any study material could be suggested for PTCB 2020
HI my name is Christine and I am currently in the Mayo Clinic Pharmacy Technician program. I am about to start my outpatient rotation, I finished my inpatient rotation last week, that was so informative and interesting. I will be taking the PTCB December 21! I am going over all the exams we had in the course and practicing all the math as well, any other advice you can pass on would be greatly appreciated!