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RULE #1: Seek help through PTCB. Responses from fellow community members are a great way to get feedback. Please note: The PTCB Help Center is still your best place to go for official answers to common questions and help from our PTCB customer service team. If you have a question about your particular situation with regard to PTCB, it’s best to submit a help request or email us at contact@ptcb.org

RULE #2: Be relevant. All discussions and shared links must clearly relate to pharmacy technicians.

RULE # 3: Be kind. Be professional, polite, and respectful of other members.

RULE #4: Be collaborative. Discussions should clearly invite member response and participation. When posting discussions or sharing links, pose questions to garner quality conversations.

RULE #5: Post and listen. Do not post too often. PTCB recommends users publish a unique post no more than four times a week. This allows for each community member’s posts to be visible for an adequate amount of time in order to be seen and discussed. Posts may be reported or removed if a user is over-posting. 

RULE #6: Do not promote. Posts that promote products and services (even when free) are not allowed. Job postings can be submitted to the PTCB Career Center.

RULE #7: Do not spam! Spam posts include but are not limited to:

  • Posting to promote a product, service, or company without the request from another user.
  • Posting commercial comments in discussions when such comments have nothing to do with the discussion.
  • Posting comments in one’s own discussion for the sole purpose of making it go to the top of discussions.

Rule #8: No personal attacks. Please respond to discussions and posts in a civil manner. If insults or accusations are made, the moderator may remove the offending member(s) without warning.

Breaking these rules or any other rules outlined in PTCB policies (linked above) may lead to member removal. Members who break the PTCB Community Rules may be placed on moderation and removed from the community without notice.

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Not sure what to post? Here are some ideas:

1. Share your successes (or failures). Tell the community what you've been doing in your pharmacy, what is working or not working.

2. Share studies, research, and resources.

3. Offer help or ask for help. Community members are willing to share their personal time to help you achieve your objectives. Just ask.

4. Post news, new ideas, drug releases, etc. If it is new and related to pharmacy technicians, please share!